HODL My Beer

HODL has been proven to be one of the best strategies in crypto, and we're here to help you Hodl and profit more.

Deposit, relax, and profit while having a beer!

How it Works

Choose your battlefield and HODL until the end

HODL My Beer is powered by HODL Protocol, a set of smart contracts that has been deployed on Ethereum, Matic and Binance Smart Chain.
Anyone can use them to create holding competitions on any token in a totally decentralized way.

You can choose any competition (barrel) and deposit your tokens to participate.
If anyone quits before the expiry, they will be penalized and the penalty will be distributed among the remaining HODLers.
If you HODL until the end, you can get back your full deposit plus the reward or bonus collected from quitters and donors.

Start HOLDing

Why Using HODL?


HODL My Beer is deployed on multiple blockchains.
Support all the tokens you want to HODL!


More than 10 ERC20 tokens: UNI, SUSHI, DPI, WBTC

Binance Smart Chain

Hold your CAKE, BabyDoge and BNB.


MATIC, QUICK and many more to come